one million thirty six thousand seven hundred and ninety three euros

betting slips, 2015.

Bookmakers are a non-places. Visiting is inevitable through a single purpose.
This stack of betting slips is thrown out, in front of a bookmaker in my neighbourhood in Podgorica, Montenegro. Carried away by the past experience based in my artistic practice, when I was collecting my own shopping receipts, I decided to take this bale of slips with me as a valuable material for observation and reflection. I found out that these tickets are copies that bookmakers should keep for taxes justification, but they were in my possession and I was able to have an overview of their monthly betting amount of money. I had a need to tell the story in a form of some kind of action.

The story of an artist and the story of a gambler can be compared. It is about the acceptance of risk and perception of a chance. After I calculated the specific maximum winning from all the tickets (1036793 euros) I wanted to spend time that means devotion, to illustrate my faith in the process. To get tired through repetition. The perception of chance through risk is often connected with fatigue. From the moment you start it is already late to stop. 1036793 should reflect the tension between desire, gain and loss in the ever-unpredictable game of life. Each paper of those tickets is a story of a player where gambling is significant part of their lifestyles.

A receipt is printed on thermal paper, so I exposed each of them to a heat source that colored the paper and erased the information. In a stack they became a sculpture, a monument.