artist who is Archiving Artistic Anxieties, Otherwise Exhibiting and sometimes wandering Who is Adrian Lister?

2019-20 researcher at Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.
2017-20 associated researcher at a.pass Research Center in Brussels.
2012-14 Master of Free Arts, Luca-University College for Sciences & Arts, Brussels.
2005-10 Bachelor and Specialized Studies in Fine Art Printing, Faculty of Fine Arts Cetinje, University of Montenegro.

Research Umbrellas:

Archiving Artistic Anxieties, published in collaboration with a.pass Brussels and Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (supported by: Q21 Vienna; CONA Foundation Mumbai; Pink House Antwerp; GMK Zagreb; Zsenne Art Gallery Brussels)
Publishing Artistic Research, Level 5, Brussels (29. 2. 2020)

Otherwise Exhibiting

Script for the lecture “Towards Otherwise Exhibiting,” by the ‘kunstenaar, consultancy tentoonstellingen’ – for the book The Artist Job Description, Vijai Patchineelam, Track Report (Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp), OAZA BOOKS and a.pass. 2022.
– some activities to be recognised as Otherwise Exhibiting 

Who is Adrian Lister?

Marginalije zajedničkog, installation, performance and reading sessions, Kuslevova kuća, Podgorica (3. 3. – 1. 4. 2022)
Wo das Gras grüner ist, perfomance and booklet publication, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, Vaduz (3. 7. 22. 11. 2015)
– installation, performance and booklet presentation within the residency Castle Bourglinster; Luxembourg Ministry of Culture (2017).
– performance and booklet publication within the residency Bains Connective, Brussels, Belgium (2015).
– co-financed by the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro for 2015.

Projects and works:

7 anxieties and the world, one-on-one card reading about artistic anxieties:
Reihe zur zeitgenössischen Vortragskunst, Glasmoog gallery, Cologne (28. 10. 2021)
This situation has developed over a long time, ŠKUC gallery, Ljubljana (26. 3. 2021)
The Hub – Between the iliac crest & the pubic bone, GMK, Zagreb (14. 10 – 17. 10. 2019)
FairShare: self-publishing as an artistic practice, at CIAP in Hasselt (9. 5. 2019)

This situation has developed over a long time, collaborative exhibition, ŠKUC gallery, Ljubljana (2. 4. – 2. 5. 2021)

Between Anxiety and Hope, an online essay and apple jam publication; supported by Ministry of Culture of Montenegro (7. 12. 2020)

Anthropomorphic Trouble, with artist Goda Palekaitė, research project with multiple outcomes (book publication, video, lecture-performance, exhibition):
– research residency with Art Catalyst, Sheffield, UK (March – November 2021)
Ways of Knowing: Earth/Matter, Whitechapel gallery, London (20. 11 and 21. 11. 2021)
Fluid bodies, Nemuno 7, Kaunas (22. 5 – 29. 6. 2022)
I as it, or stones that vibrate,, Bratislava (21.09 – 27.01.2023)

Water made to move, video, with artist Vijai Patchineelam:
– commissioned work for the exhibition In Search of Sharawadgi, SCHUNCK – Museum for modern and contemporary art, Heerlen (5. 7. – 17. 10. 2021) and contribution to the accompanying book publication, published by NAi 010. 2021.
– presented in The Broken Archive, Villa Romana and Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW)

Referat na temu: Slijedimo se vašim sjajnim primjerom, text-based work, co-written with Kristina Gvozdenović, working with the archive of the Historical Museum of Montenegro:
– first made for the exhibition Drugarice – Women’s Movement in Montenegro 1943-1953, National Museum of Montenegro (22. 9 – 31. 12. 2017)
– presented in The Broken Archive, Villa Romana and Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW)
– published in Strange Attractors, Nomaduma Rosa Masilela (ed.), KUNST-WERKE BERLIN e. V. X Berlin Biennale. 2018.

To and from Montenegro, research project with multiple outcomes (video, book publication, performance, design pattern, postcards):
– first made for the exhibition The Silver Lining, 56th Venice Biennale (24. 10. 1. 11. 2015)
– design pattern used for the exhibition design Future in Debris, Film Center of Montenegro, British Council and LUX (8. 3. – 3. 6. 2021)
From diaspora to diversities, National museum of Montenegro (11. 9. 2018 – 30. 10. 2018)
– film screening and presentation of a project Notes for a road-movie: To and from Montenegro, Casa Tomada, Sao Paulo (1. 7. 2016)
From diaspora to diversities, gallery Remont, Belgrade (4. 4. – 22. 4. 2016)

Subtracted Seduction, performance event, in collaboration with Pia Louwerens, Eleanor Ivory Weber and Teresa Cos, Hectolitre, Brussels (1 and 2. 2. 2019)
Subtracted Seduction and This Situation, audio publication on Radio Student, Ljubljana (27. 4. 2021)

On a Drift, part II, video:
School of Waters, Mediterranea 19 Young Artists Biennale, San Marino (15. 5 – 31. 10. 2021)
Apples and Oranges, artists’ publications, C-Mine, Genk (2. 10. 2021)

For a young woman of bright future, photo-novel:
– first made for the project brussels-midi-spoor7, Brussels (11. 4 – 18. 4. 2019)
– published in N.F.B. sveska, Treća Ruka, Podgorica (March, 2022)

Razstava, a solo exhibition, Contemporary Art Centre of Montenegro (10. 11 – 30. 11. 2017)

The Drug-on City
– a short story, published in the Journal of Literature, Culture and Social Issues – Ars, OKF, Cetinje; edited by NOVA – center for the feminist culture. 2016.
– presented as an installation for the exhibition Why Have There Been No Great (wo)Men Artists? British Council at the National Museum of Montenegro (3. 7 – 28. 8. 2018)

The Great Wall
The Divided Body, LUCA School of Arts, KU Leuven.

Thanks for your visit and goodbye, artist book:
No one belongs here more than you, 54th October Salon, Belgrade (part of their collection)

Contributions for the books and journals:

In these circumstances: On collaboration, perfomativity, self-organisation and transdisciplinarity in research-based practices, Philippine Hoegen & Lilia Mestre (eds.), Onomatopee 181. 2022.

Archivoltage, Thomas Crombez & Nico Dockx (eds.), Track Report, Antwerp. 2021.

ROT, Sara Manente (ed.), a.pass. 2020.

The Infinite Conversations, Wesley Meuris and Pieter Vermeulen (eds.), YellowPress #5, the community journal of Sint Lucas School of Arts Antwerp. 2018.

Strange Attractors, Nomaduma Rosa Masilela (ed.), KUNST-WERKE BERLIN e. V. 2018. X Berlin Biennale.

Žene – tijela – prostori, Journal of Literature, Culture and Social Issues – Ars, OKF, Cetinje; edited by NOVA – center for the feminist culture. 2016.

What Are You Working On? / Vad Har Du På Gång?, Jacquelyn Davis (ed.), Valeveil, Stockholm. 2014.

Programs and Workshops (proposals for collective learning):

– reading and strolling around Schäfersee: When komisch stops being funny and becomes strange for the exhibition Grüße vom Schäfersee!, KSOIK, Berlin (13. 8. 2023)

– reading sessions within the exhibition Marginalije zajedničkog, Kuslevova kuća, Podgorica (March 2022)

– co-curating and facilitating three-months postgraduate program Not in the Mood for a.pass – advanced performance and scenography studies in Brussels. (May-July 2021)

– co-curating and organizing educational program Evening School, Institute of Contemporary Art, Montenegro. (January-February 2021)

– coaching (developing a workshop) for the research group Body and Material Reinvented, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerpen. (March 2020)

victories over the suns semi-public residency in gallery Zsenne Art lab in Brussels. (June/July 2020)

Lectures and artist talks:

Developing strategies from the artistic anxiety of being invisible and useless or Anxious Parasites Will Save The Worlds — lecture for symposium Time is a Book (is Time) at Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. (October 2019)

Difficult to be — lecture on the Black Wave Yugoslavian Cinema, at CONA Foundation Mumbai, for the workshop led by Vijai Patchineelam, titled Difficult to see. (December 2018)

– artist talk within a program Dive into Practice, Visual arts department at LUCA School of Arts, Brussels. (November 2017)

– two artist talks and lectures at FAAP University (Sao Paulo, Brazil) course of Visual Arts and one at EBA-UFRJ-Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) course of Visual Arts. (February to June 2016)

Connection lost. Isolation as a choice in the Montenegrin contemporary art and On the global and local culture of the book as an artistic medium — roundtable discussions, within the framework of the exhibition The Silver Lining, Collateral Event at 56th Venice Biennale. (2015)

Scholarships, residencies and prizes:

– research residency with Art Catalyst, Sheffield, UK (2021).
– CONA Foundation Mumbai, India (2020).
– Residency at Q21 – Museums Quartier Wien, Austria (2018).
– Grant for Summer School as School/ Rike Frank’s course Exhibiting: (En)Countering Temporalities, Prishtina, Kosovo (2017).
– Residency at Castle Bourglinster; Luxembourg Ministry of Culture (2017).
– Penthouse Art Residency/ Harlan Levey Projects & hotel bloom!, Brussels (2017).
– Co-financing project grant from the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro for 2016 and 2015.
– FAAP residency, Sao Paulo, Brazil (2016).
– Residency at Bains Connective, Brussels, Belgium (2015).
– KulturKontakt grant for Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts/ Leya Mira Brander’s course Between etching and sculpture (2012).
– Travel grant, Ministry of Culture of Montenegro/ Art Camp in Andorra, Andorran National Commission for UNESCO.
– Residency of Austrian Federal Minister for Education the Arts and Culture (BM:UKK) in Vienna (2010).