exhibition at ŠKUC gallery, Ljubljana
2. 4. 2021 – 7. 5. 2021

Artists: Nina Goropečnik, Adrijana Gvozdenović, Pia Louwerens
Curator: Urška Aplinc

From the exhibition text, by Urška Aplinc:

With the exhibition, we are trying to open up a space for reflection on the conventions of setting up exhibitions and the conditions to which we thereby agree. In order to be able to declare anything at all in the field of the visible, we have to mimic the strategies that already exist, to appropriate them, not in spite of, but because of the forces in the field of art. If we use and work with what is already available to us in the institution, then we re-appropriate the framework of the exhibition and think about how we can populate the space to perhaps allow for other approaches to creating areas of visibility. In addition to the space itself, the artists primarily tackle the discursive level – the context of the Škuc Gallery that they enter and address. To do this, they use means such as stemming from the remnants of the previous exhibition, using design templates from the gallery, exposing parts of the archive and creating programmes, such as a residential programme, that the gallery does not otherwise have. In a sense, this reverses the logic of making visible, as the institution in addition to the practices of the artists themselves, also begins to exhibit itself.

In addition to their site-specific work in Škuc Gallery, artists Adrijana Gvozdenovic and Pia Louwerens have decided to broadcast the audio publication that they have made in collaboration with Eleanor Ivory Weber in Brussels in 2019, for the exhibition Subtracted Seduction.
The exhibition and publication Subtracted Seduction were produced by a.pass, a platform for artistic research in Brussels to mark the end of their respective trajectories as a.pass programme participants. 

The material of the audio-publication Subtracted Seduction has been produced during long conversations between the three artist friends. Each session they would read aloud each other’s notes and texts, which guided the conversation that followed the reading. Writing notes and reading them, allowing both deep considerations and informal environmental sounds to mix. This blending between content and condition became enlarged by the editing and mixing of artist
Teresa Cos, who is an artist exploring the processes of repetition underlying history, society and human psychology through sound, video and performance. 

to listen, click here -> https://radiostudent.si/kultura/r-a-d-a-r/subtracted-seduction-and-this-situation