a text-based work, co-written with Kristina Gvozdenović, 2017.

working with letters, documents and writings in relation to the anti-fascist movement of women (AFŽ) from the archive of Historical museum of Montenegro as an intervention for the exhibition Drugarice – Women’s Movement in Montenegro 1943-1953

National Museum of Montenegro, Cetinje, 2017. authors of the exhibition project: Natalija Vujošević and Nataša Nelević; organized by: NGO NOVA Center for Feminist Culture and Institute of Contemporary Art.

later on, the text was adapted and published for the Strange Attractors, X berlin biennial (pages 14-24): a curatorial publication project by Nomaduma Rosa Masilela, “which unites artist contributions and archival material. it is an exercise in uncertainty and a search for analogue strategies of opacity.”

“Sisters Adrijana and Kristina Gvozdenović have written a letter that adopts the language used among women comrades in order to imagine a past that describes the spirit present in time. The letter was written using textual material available in the archive of Historical Museum of Montenegro, and Adrijana and Kristina open it with the high spirits of political ideals centered in solidarity, stating “Women, let’s take our places!”, and then slow;y devolve into disillusionment with the individualistic solitude of neoliberal capitalist contemporary culture. The letter comments on how ruling ideological power is established through the symbolic perception of language, and how it manages to hide and camouflage itself (including through a lack of translation) in the service of maintaining power.” – Nomaduma Rosa Masilela in STRANGE ATTRACTORS (pages 141-148)