in a Secret Room, at Penthouse Art Residency & Harlan Levey Projects, 2016.

announced as an artist-talk, I presented in the form of a crime story my interest in researching artistic anxieties. the presentation was also framing the work of another artist Vijai Patchineelam that shared the residency with me.

description of the event:
“One-night event to present the case I worked on during the time of the residency in the form of an artist talk with elements of storytelling. It all started shortly after the arrival at the residency hotel, when Adrijana discovered the text written on a steamy mirror in a bathroom. It was a call for help of an artist left powerless when facing today’s art system. Although she was resisting taking part in many ways, reading this message as one of varied strategies of myth making common to the art field, that has as its sole intention the speculation of value, like it is in all mystery stories – guided only by personal motivation and a desire to help, she took the role of an eccentric, amateur detective. What was found and discovered in this investigation continues to be the case for itself and the intellectual exercise to connect all pieces of the puzzle for possible crime against the artist. First conclusions were presented and the audience was provided with clues from which the perpetrators may be concluded before the story gives its revelation.”