an exhibition accompanied with artist publication for a third episode of an ongoing project Who is Adrian Lister? or I know I rock, but I’m not made of stone, by Adrijana Gvozdenović + deep space experience by MNEMOSYL (performance), 2017.

Adrian Lister is positioned as a statue of an artist, liberated from social influences, gender, ethnic problems and everyday routine. This artistic apprehension is developing into a range of outputs, combined in presentations and in publications that are a compounded documentation of an artistic research.
The third publication of a project is titled I know I rock, but I’m not made of stone deals with the notion of artificial, the real and natural shaped and shifted through the language.
The publication was produced in the frame of the Artist in residence program from Luxembourg Ministry of Culture.
Special thanks to Zachayuss Aurora.

For this occasion Adrijana invited Mnemosyl, a multinational company founded in France, to contribute to the event. Since 2014, Mnemosyl is developing researches involving manipulations of memories through the use of synthetic hormones. Its products act on the brain, establishing new connections between different sensitive areas. Laurence Haigneré, its CEO, is formed in neurosciences and held important posts in the French Government. She strongly believes in the capacity of innovation caused by experiencing new memories and in its effective productivity. According to her, memorial experiences are greatly educative. They also stand as a virtuous protection to wisely face the risks of life, providing safe and fully controlled realities.
On September 21st, Mnemosyl arranged a collective experience of memories, aimed for the fulfilment of its participants.