Fluid bodies 1/5. Humans and non-humans – exhibition at Nemuno 7, Kaunas, May-June 2022.
This Artist (co-written with Pia Louwerens) and Not in the Mood (co-written with Isabel Burr Raty and Sara Manente, with Antye Guenther, Sina Seiffee and Rob Ritzen) – for the book In these circumstances, Onomatopee 181, 2022.
Artistic Ecologies – participant of WHW Akademija, Apr-Oct 2022.
Od danas do sjutra. Ko je Adrian Lister? – za izložbu Marginalije zajedničkog u Kuslevovoj kući, Podgorica, Mar 2022.
Anthropomorphic Trouble – performance at Whitechapel Gallery, London, Nov 2021.
Reihe zur zeitgenössischen Vortragskunst | Um(j)etnost predavanja | The art of the lecture – card-reading at Glasmoog – Raum für Kunst & Diskurs, Cologne, Oct 2021.
Not in the mood – co-curating postgraduate program for a.pass, Brussels, May-July 2021.
This situation has developed over a long time – exhibition at Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana, May-Apr 2021.
Večernja škola – co-curating educational program for Institute of contemporary arts (Montenegro), held online, Jan-Feb 2021.