+- 15 min of a storytelling  and artist publication (2015, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein)

Adrian Lister was born as a translation of my name, from my language to English (and every other foreign language) using the web tool Google Translate.
I encountered with the need to keep her/him alive, with writing about the questions this translation arises. in a framework of the exhibition Wo das Gras grüner ist, I presented a fragmented story about adrian lister, that is about the identity of the artist that is determined by national representation, especially in the case of artists from “the periphery”, that are often in a position of constant achievement towards bigger scene.

the performance was realized in Rodchenko’s “Worker’s Club” that is for the first time restaged in Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein in the way it was used for its intended purposes: as a place for lecture, performance, screenings and social exchange.

see part of the storytelling

about the publication: the documentation of the event is not an audio or visual recording, but a publication of sorts. this publication contains visual material, used during the presentation and the contributions from other authors, who I recognize to be close to the subject. content of the publication:

Fantasy and fear as the conditions for creating history or Who was Stephen the Little?
(a translation of the historical document about false king that ruled Montenegro for four years)

Existential threats to Adrian Lister posed by future political changes
(an essay by Denis Maksimov about future ‘borders’ in the internet space)

Fear and fantasy in the Foundation for Exhibiting Art & Knowledge
(an interview with Wesley Meuris about specific institution,
called FEAK)

7 color pages of objects in their original size,

one of them on the picture: