I as it, or stones that vibrate – exhibition at, Bratislava, extended till 27. January 2023.
Artists and friends Vijai Maia Patchineelam, Pia Louwerens and Adrijana Gvozdenović
come together to share their separate yet intertwined researches on the labour and employment of artists within art institutions.
I as it, or stones that vibrate – exhibition at, Bratislava, Sept – Dec 2022.
When komisch stops being funny and becomes strange – reading and strolling around Schäfersee, KSOIK, Berlin, 2022.
Fluid bodies 1/5. Humans and non-humans – exhibition at Nemuno 7, Kaunas, May-June 2022.
This Artist (co-written with Pia Louwerens) and Not in the Mood (co-written with Isabel Burr Raty and Sara Manente, with Antye Guenther, Sina Seiffee and Rob Ritzen) – for the book In these circumstances, Onomatopee 181, 2022.
Artistic Ecologies – participant of WHW Akademija, Apr-Oct 2022.
Od danas do sjutra. Ko je Adrian Lister? – za izložbu Marginalije zajedničkog u Kuslevovoj kući, Podgorica, Mar 2022.
Anthropomorphic Trouble – performance at Whitechapel Gallery, London, Nov 2021.
Reihe zur zeitgenössischen Vortragskunst | Um(j)etnost predavanja | The art of the lecture – card-reading at Glasmoog – Raum für Kunst & Diskurs, Cologne, Oct 2021.
Not in the mood – co-curating postgraduate program for a.pass, Brussels, May-July 2021.
This situation has developed over a long time – exhibition at Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana, May-Apr 2021.
Večernja škola – co-curating educational program for Institute of contemporary arts (Montenegro), held online, Jan-Feb 2021.