artist statement

anxious parasites will save the worlds: proclaiming the victory to confess the struggle

I do and do not take place within a proper body. I am pretending to be an artist, and that’s the only way I can be one. I am you and you are not only yourself. You were not supposed to inhabit this role in the first place. You irritate. You are foreign. You continuously associate with and detach from, without the delusions of consensus. You start by giving a speech which at times turns into the conversation. You and I form a relationship that is in constant alterity with itself, shifting between intimacy and alienation. In relation to our common languages and histories, we recognize (self)censorship driven by our own interests and benefits that you and I derive from it. We find it challenging to think about what comes after pushing the walls or exposing their (hidden) structures, sitting on the relations between those walls, formed by their structures. We don’t expose, we negotiate our interdependence. We wish to form a sub-visible world, one which is crucial to the larger worlds we are part of. In this sense, we are not interested so much to describe the world of art and certain positions of (im)potencies of the artist as anxious parasites in relation to it, but more to allow and make visible different and many concerns, doubts, apprehensions in their interconnectedness.