collective project, 2015 (Poppositions, Brussels)

FRANCIS is an artist led initiative which was founded for the participation of the POPPOSITIONS Art Fair. it’s aim is to develop a holistic utopian benchmark for speculating the position of Francis, a young meta-artist, who they have selected to represent and whose name also inspired the title of the project. Francis’ practice incorporates varied and variable processes, methods of production and visual outcomes. FRANCIS’ contributors consists of 10 international artists; Rens Cools, Tiago Duarte, Eleanor Duffin, Adrijana Gvozdenovic, Koyuki Kazahaya, Garry Loughlin, William Ludwig, Denis Maksimov, Vijai Patchineelam, Julie van der Vaart, who collaborate in the administrative running of this project.

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FRANCIS – post catalogue POPPOSITIONS 2015