things that have always been there

from the collection of objects (1990- )

cloud in trousers

it is 1915, June, we are in Saint Petersburg, that was then called Petrograd, which is important difference. now we think about this young poet who compared himself with a cloud. let’s call him Cloud. he is twenty two years old in that moment, and Cloud fell in love with a woman. married woman. those were the times when the heroines were taking the role of a muse, so she accepted to be one. our prejudice fails when we found out that her husband seems not to mind an affair of his wife, since he became Cloud’s friend and also a publisher. this various forms of fondness and affection, in the impression of war and particular time, made Cloud write a poem that intuited and announced the revolution.

a cloud in trousers

shells from the same place but different times

I was first time in Belgium in 1990, then in 2006. the question is: if I am me, in 1990 and in 2006  – and I am the same one, and I am on the same location –  that is the beach in Belgium, and I am in both cases looking for shells that are spread around the yellow sand along the dimly North Sea, and both of this me are equally excited —-> do I have to choose the same shell?

shells treated


meteorite + tooth-filling

a meteorite fell on the Sikhote-Alin Mountains, in southeastern Russia, in 1947. a fall of this magnitude  had never been observed before, in recorded history. an estimated 70 metric tons of material survived the fiery passage through the atmosphere and reached the Earth.

Adrian gave me a piece of it, bought on ebay and I filled a hole in my tooth.

meteor in my tooth